We are thrilled to announce that BrowserBox Pro, a powerful tool for remote browsing and browser isolation, is now open source! With this move, we aim to foster collaboration, encourage innovation, and broaden the adoption of BrowserBox Pro among developers and organizations.

What is BrowserBox Pro?

BrowserBox Pro is a web application that provides an interactive video stream of a web browser within your own browser. It’s like having a remote desktop connection specifically designed for streaming a web browser. This allows for a range of use cases, including secure browsing, collaborative browsing, browser automation, and more.

Use Cases and Benefits

The versatility of BrowserBox Pro makes it applicable to a wide range of scenarios. Some of the key use cases and benefits include:

  • Browser Isolation and Security: BrowserBox Pro adds an extra layer of security by isolating web browsing activities from the user’s local system, protecting against browser zero-day exploits and enhancing overall security.

  • Co-browsing: Multiple users can simultaneously interact with a web page, making it ideal for remote teams, support scenarios, and collaborative web browsing.

  • Remote Work and Collaboration: BrowserBox Pro enables remote teams to collaborate effectively by providing a shared browsing experience for troubleshooting, design discussions, and code reviews.

  • Automation and Testing: Developers and testers can use BrowserBox Pro to interact with remote instances of browsers, making it a valuable tool for debugging automation scripts, testing web applications, and analyzing potential malware.

  • Web-Based Application Access: BrowserBox Pro allows users to access web-based applications, even on devices with outdated or unsupported browsers. This is particularly useful for legacy systems or environments where browser compatibility is a challenge.

  • Educational and Training Purposes: Trainers and educators can utilize BrowserBox Pro to deliver interactive lessons, monitor student progress, and demonstrate web-based applications in real time.

For a more detailed overview of the use cases, you can refer to the HN thread.

Licensing Options

BrowserBox Pro is available under different licenses to accommodate various usage scenarios:

  • Open-Source Use: If you are creating an open-source application under a license compatible with the GNU General Public License v3 (GPLv3), you may use BrowserBox Pro under the terms of the GPLv3.

  • Non-Commercial Use: BrowserBox Pro can be used for free in non-commercial settings. This includes government and public institutions, non-profit organizations, private researchers, and individuals who do not anticipate commercial application. Non-commercial users are protected under the terms of the Polyform Non-Commercial License 1.0.

  • Commercial Use: For commercial, closed-source, non-GPL, or other proprietary use, BrowserBox Pro offers a commercial license that allows you to use the software in commercial products and applications without the provisions of the GPLv3. This license ensures that your code remains proprietary and gives you the freedom to develop commercial sites, services, projects, and applications using BrowserBox Pro.

To purchase a commercial license or explore the different licensing options, please visit the BrowserBox Pro website.

Getting Involved

We believe that open source thrives on collaboration and community involvement. By open sourcing BrowserBox Pro, we invite developers, organizations, and enthusiasts to join us in this exciting journey of building and expanding the possibilities of remote browsing and browser isolation.

You can contribute to the BrowserBox Pro project by exploring the source code, sharing your ideas and feedback, and submitting improvements or new features via the GitHub repository.

We encourage you to join the discussion on the Hacker News thread and connect with fellow users and the development team.

Together, let’s shape the future of web browsing, enhance security, and empower users with innovative solutions. We are excited to see the BrowserBox Pro community grow and thrive!